Our Services


Web Development

Lappasoft has always been strongly confident developing websites as our team is within full control of the latest technologies concerning web development, allowing us to build a high-end website for your needs.

  • Systematic approach due to wide experience
  • Modern approach with latest technologies
  • Many websites successfully built

Mobile App Development

Our team has a fast and precise mobile app development that will turn your ideas into a project without any hassle. Our team enjoys mobile app development and passionately works to meet your delivery expectation.

  • Creative solutions to deliver your app
  • Seamless and precise fulfilment of your idea

Embedded Systems Programming

Working on embedded systems is one of the most favorite things of our developers. Our team members have an excellent history of working on embedded systems. Aside their expertise in embedded systems programming, their enthusiasm delivers love and quality to your project.

  • Strong experience among team members
  • Deep understanding of technologies used in Embedded Systems Programming
  • Enthusiastic and dynamic approach due to the passion our team members possess

Game Development

Our team members have more than 10 years of experience in this field and have a deep understanding of technologies and methods that are essential for game development. Our team also has a thorough knowledge in science (maths, physics) required for game development (having won numerous competitions in this field individually). One of the projects our team members have worked on in our company is a successfully finished 3D Engine in C++ from scratch, together with a 3D game developed in it with physics made from scratch.


Custom Software Development

With having finished multiple custom software projects for international companies, banks, governments; we are highly adaptable to any of your needs and we will finish your custom software project just the way you wanted it to be.

  • 10+ years of experience, with solid knowledge
  • Precise understanding of your needs

AI Development

AI is very popular and widely used for many projects, our team has taken a serious interest in AI because it is one of the fastest-growing technologies. Our team prefers to code in Python when it comes to AI, and is very happy to make any AI related projects.

  • We care about the future technologies, thus we take great interest in A.I projects!
  • Our team uses one of the most popular language approaches to AI Programming: Python

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is the future, and our team is well aware of it. Our team is always eager to work with any project related to blockchain. The pedantic nature of our team members helps in Blockchain development, as it should be as secure as possible, and the code must be 100% bug-free.

  • Team enthusiasm in the field of Blockchain
  • Rigorous development to assure a secure and a 100% bug-free code!

Big Data Development

Big Data is important for big projects, requiring fast access to a large amount of data. Our team is here to provide that manageability for you. Big Data and AI are related as they are usually used in a project together. As we offer both AI development and Big Data Development, we also can combine the two for your project.

  • Manage and maintain big data!
  • Our team is ready to combine AI with Big Data for your projects!