Latest Projects


Future health works

A QT GUI application for displaying and modifying 3D position of bone transforms used for aligning bones based on laser projection images got from stream of camera images. Optimized performance of the point cloud generation code as well as implemented algorithm to fit point clouds and extract transform needed to fit the bones.

  • C++, QT, OpenCV, PCL, QT3D

10 June 2020


Ikim limited

Big data project for client energy company in Dublin. Designing distributed architecture to support hundreds of millions of records and implementing pipelines and solids in Dagster. Also, designing architecture to support Jupyter and Graphana as part of complete workflow.

  • Python, React, Django, Dagster, TimescaleDB, Docker, Jupyter, Graphana

3 January 2020


Reservation Management System

Reservation management system for Slovenian municipalities. The application enables municipalities to easily schedule appointments for Slovenian citizens. It also includes self-booking app so that citizens can schedule the appointments themselves. The application supports multiple business units, locations and workstations and includes various reporting tools for the management.

  • PHP, Javascript, Laravel, Docker, MySQL

10 October 2020


Overhaul System

Warehouse Machine Repair Plan and Analysis - An application that monitors the state of the machines used by Roesle GmbH in the production of its high quality products. It allows for the planning and monitoring of overhaul, occupational safety and health checks, and the use of spare parts and their condition in storage. Made for Roesle GmbH, Munich, Germany.

  • C#, .NET


GeBall (3D Arkanoid)

A 3D engine developed from scratch. We wrote all aspects of the engine including: complete class hierarchy design, resource management, collision detection, virtual file system, rendering manager, particle systems, C++ editor for manipulating and positioning 3D objects.

  • C++, DirectX, Lua


Library Software

A networked, multilingual application that works with a database of 50,000 books, integrated bar code support, and full-index search support. The database also contains library users with a complete history of debited and returned books. The database is a SQL Server with backup support for the streamer.


Office Software

Multi-user, network database. The complete system was developed with Microsoft technologies. Application for the purpose of conducting complete office and archival business. Application made in accordance with the laws and regulations. The system is very complex and covers all segments of office and archival business (receiving, shipping, monitoring of cases and acts, personal mail, confidential and strictly confidential mail, bills, official newsletters, etc.). The system consists of four independent but tightly linked applications (Office Admin, Office Server, Office Client and Office InfoPult). All of the applications have their specific purpose and function. The system has implemented an internal data protection system. Designed for Government.

  • C#, SQL Server


Bookkeeping Applications Software

EXPRESS (Bookkeeping Applications) is a suite of enterprise accounting software. It covers Finance, Wholesale, Retail, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Encryption. The programs are used by a large number of companies.

  • C#, SQL Server


Sporgcenter software

An online, multi-user database for a company in Denmark that holds Danish language courses for immigrants and connects students and companies with requirements for specific profiles of students. Complete records of companies, students, professions, types of companies, matching system, data protection system, user types, user codes, etc. Made for PixelGraph, Vejle, Denmark.



Application for automated calculation of thermal energy losses in the introduction of heating in residential, commercial and other facilities. The program creates a database of objects, rooms, walls, types of radiators, materials, etc.


Internet Kiosk

The program is designed for touch screen internet kiosks . Stand alone application that supports coin insertion and credit card payments. Additionally, we created AutoUpdate software which is for automatic administration and maintenance of internet kiosks (over 500 in the concrete case). The basic function of the program is to synchronize the version of installed applications on Internet kiosks. From the server it is possible to perform automatic modification and installation of new versions of applications running from the Internet kiosk. Program designed for the international company RKC based in Sweden.